Jul 15

Is Your Fear Limiting Your Ability to Win the Lottery?

Is Your Fear Limiting Your Ability to Win the Lottery?

Fear is a strong emotion caused by awareness or anticipation of danger which may be real or perceived. Sometimes fear is also caused by an anticipation of loss. Where there is lack of faith, the magnitude of fear increases greatly causing unpleasant experiences. In lottery, the players have their own thresholds of faith and optimism beyond which fear starts setting in hence interrupting their judgment.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned lottery player, you should identify your own fears with regards to lottery because in doing so, you are making steps towards resolving and fighting off the fears. Fear is one of the crucial factors that prevents you from winning the lottery.

Signs of Fear in Lottery

While some may argue that fear is subjective, there are conspicuous signs that you are a fearful lottery player. One of the signs of fear is withdrawing from opportunities to avoid the risk of loss. This puts you at a disadvantageous position because withdrawing automatically cancels your chances of winning the lottery.

Doubts and insecurity are also signs of fear. When you find yourself unable to make a move fast such as picking the winning numbers or deciding whether to play a certain game or not, you could be experiencing fear. Indecision and insecurity expose you to making of irrational decisions that can affect the quality of your game and your choice of tickets.

The Consequences of Fear in Lottery

The consequences of fear to a lottery player can be broadly classified into two; short term and long term effects.

Fear is a mental state that affects the chemical balance of your brain as well as the physiology of your body thereby generating stress. Extreme stress can distort your judgment in lottery making you settle for irrational decisions that ultimately jeopardize your chances of winning.

In the long term, fear can be devastating. It permeates into your behavioral system and becomes part of your life without your knowledge. Everything you do henceforth will be a perpetuation of the negative behavior created by fear. This will set you up for a string of losses and disappointments in lottery.

Typical Fears in Lottery and How to Overcome Them

There are various types of fears in lottery that almost every player encounters. These fears can drag you down and set you up for a terrible loss irrespective of the number of times you play. Below is a brief discussion into each of these fears and how you can successfully overcome them.

You Will Spend Money and Not Win the Lottery

This is the greatest fear of all time because every lottery player contemplates loss even as he anticipates success. The reality is that lottery is a game of chance and anyone can win it. The probability of winning can however be partially influenced so as to tip the scales to your favor. Spending money is inevitable in lottery and failure to do so will lock you out of any chance to win. As you buy your tickets, you need to exercise wisdom and draw from the available information as much as you can. This will limit your chances of loss.

Sharing the Winnings with Other Players

It happens in some instances that you are not the only winner and as such you must share with the other winners. This is at times inevitable depending on your choice of tickets. It is the desire of every player to have everything to him while the others walk empty handed. If the jackpot falls on popular number combinations then chances that you will share the spoils are high. To avoid this, pick numbers that are unpopular.

Buying a Fake Ticket

There are some retailers who take advantage of beginning players to rip them off their lottery money. Because of how rampant lottery fraud has become, cases of players crying foul due to questionable tickets purchase are also growing. To avoid falling into this trap, always look out for credible ticket retailers. You can either buy online or offline but ensure you research the history of the retailer you are buying from.

Overcoming your lottery fears by shifting your goals and reframing them will help you readjust your perspective and see lottery not only as an opportunity to win but also a chance to learn. Every failure that comes your way should not be seen from the negative light but rather an opportunity to learn something out of it.