Dec 07

The Big Lessons I Learned From Playing the Lottery. If I Become a Millionaire I’m Always Going to Refer to This. ALWAYS!

The Big Lessons I Learned From Playing the Lottery

The Big Lessons I Learned From Playing the Lottery

We’ll all agree that happiness brought by winning a jackpot is invaluable; it brings joy because it’s a life changing experience, but this life changing experience comes with a burden of its own. We’ve seen so many lottery players who have won humongous amounts through a jackpot and we’ve all heard stories about how they squandered their winnings in a matter of months. They end up broke and are probably better off like that because they never managed their money wisely. There are only a handful of lottery winners who have been able to manage their fortune and see it grow. Why? Because they took advice on investing and kept their expenses to a minimum, no matter what. Now here are some big lessons I learned from playing the lottery:

Keep Working

The moment lottery winners win a jackpot, they next second they call their bosses to tell them they’ve resigned. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself, to be honest. Take an example of the 2005 Powerball winner Brad Duke. When he won $125 million, he vowed to use it to make billions in return and today he is financially stable because he didn’t waste his money on boob implants for his lady love, a golf court for his child, new cars or a space on the moon! If you keep working hard even after you win the lottery you can make billions and trillions from your millions.

Get Help, Seek Advice

As soon as people win the jackpot, they feel that they are now capable of making just about any decision, because it’s their life, their money. This is the one habit that can totally ruin you as a lottery player. If you don’t want to end up broke you must utilize the service of experts who are amazing at handling huge amounts of money. For example New Jersey’s Chris Manzi, who won a portion of a $14 million in 2012 – he retained the services of his financial planner and this act allowed him to retain his entire prize up until today.

Be Ready For the Worst

Lottery players forget that money cannot help them if there’s a risk threatening their lives and so they fail to plan for the worst. They want to live so much in the present and buy things that they’ve always dreamed of that they forget about saving for the future, leaving something aside for their children or their grandchildren…ask yourselves this question, “If something happens to me, what would happen to my family?”

Limit Philanthropy…

While it’s good to donate to good causes, it’s never too good to go overboard while donating. For example, in 1993 Janite Lee, a 52-year old wig shop owner from St. Louis, raised the limits of philanthropy to jaw-dropping levels. She donated to educational programs, political affairs, community services and worse, she was also a gambling addict. In just a matter of years her $18 million was gone. Apart from that there was Tom Christ, a Canadian who won $40 million. He gave his entire jackpot to a charitable foundation, which left him penniless. While it’s good to help others, note that a lot of people will eventually take advantage of you.

These are the lessons I have learned, what have you learned? Is there anything that I might have missed? It’s very important that we preserve our fortune because it’s a rare opportunity and you get to taste it once, maybe twice in a lifetime. Don’t waste your fortune by making unwise decisions, be wise, be prepared and be ready to lead a happier life, a life that will not be affected by the dreaded lottery curse! Trust me, it’s there!