Nov 04

The Greatest Myths about Buying the Lottery Tickets Online! Oh Ye Who Buys Lottery Tickets from the Virtual Place, Ye Shall Be Exposed!

The greatest myths about buying the lottery tickets online

Alright, so things can get weird, especially if you have people pulling myths on the internet when you’re more than willing to buy your first lottery ticket. Happened to me one time when I was busy figuring out where to buy my first lottery ticket online, when a hard-core lottery lover tells me that buying the ticket online isn’t easy! I was wondering, “How hard can it be?” Well, just then my questions were answered, and here I am responding back, just in case your brain tangles as much as mine did!

Have you thought about the luckiest online site?

*face-palm* lucky online site? Yeah, some people believe that there are certain online lottery sites that are blessed with luck, lots of luck and if you buy your lottery tickets from them, you will become filthy rich. This happens for two reasons: the first being that maybe a lot of people have won jackpots from that one lucky site and two the person is indirectly advocating the site! If I were to think about this then one question comes to mind, if there really does exist, you know, a lucky online lottery site, then why don’t everyone who buys tickets from there win? It doesn’t matter where you buy your tickets from, it doesn’t matter what time you buy them because your odds of winning are the same as the odds of another guy buying another ticket in the same store just 30 minutes before the draw!

The time’s not right. Your horoscope says so!

Horoscope? Really? I mean for real in the 21st century?! So once the lucky online site hogwash was done, I was exposed to the horoscope that he merely looked up online to tell me that I shouldn’t buy a lottery ticket online for another 10 minutes. Why, what’s 10 minutes going to do? “Oh, don’t question the power of the stars!” now if you believe in horoscopes and the lottery, let me tell you it isn’t going to work out. You might as well take up the job of a clerk than try your luck in the lottery! I bought my lottery ticket 10 minutes after, as suggested, but I never won anything. I guess the call between me and my stars got disconnected? By stupidity.

Pick fire, leave Ice aside, son!

And by this I mean hot and cold numbers. My father calls them fire and ice because it’s “cool”. Yeah, anyway, getting back to myth, lots of lottery players believe that there are indeed hot and cold numbers; hot numbers being those picked more frequently and cold being the opposite. How can you even tell which number is lucky?! You can’t even tell if you are lucky, how can you predict numbers? I was told it’s easy – look at the charts. My head hurts from trying to analyze a chart. I wanted to pick my own numbers, I didn’t want hot or cold numbers, I wanted my numbers – any takers? Oh, and by the way, there are no hot and cold numbers in lottery – the numbers are the numbers. Period.

Pick reoccurring numbers, you have a better chance!

No you don’t. No matter who tells you, you don’t. You can’t guarantee that numbers that were drawn recently will be picked again. It’s not like a flight or train schedule where you know exactly what’s going to come and when?! What you need to know is that each draw is unique, each number has an equal odd of being drawn and neither you, nor your horoscope-crazy friend can do anything about it. Deal with it.

Honey, grab your lucky bunny before you pick your numbers!

Okay, really? It’ not about a bunny, it’s about superstitions. You will not win the lottery even if you wore your lucky jeans over your lucky underwear and a lucky T-shirt with your lucky numbers on it, or with your lucky cap and a lucky charm. There’s too much lucky about you and that’s where it ends, with you – it doesn’t and won’t extend to your tickets so please will you stop holding the bunny now?!

I can help you, I’ve got a magic software.

No thank you, I don’t need your help. Now here’s something that most people don’t understand and that is no software will ever, ever, never help you win the lottery. It doesn’t matter who created the software, how many jackpots they have won and how it will help you. Before you buy anything that promises you a jackpot, ask yourself, is this God? Is this the Lady Luck? And it most probably isn’t so let it go. Its hogwash and stop believing in it. Yes?

Lottery Myths Busted – Stylishly

Now I don’t mean to break your little dream bubble, but your odds of winning are the same as mine, and just because I’m wearing my lucky color it will not help me improve my odds. It doesn’t matter, in the end, it’s all about luck. There’s no strategy involved in the game of lottery. When you buy your lottery tickets online, you buy them and “hope” to win; you can’t just assume you’ll win because of some silly myths. But if you still want to believe in these myths, be my guest and always place a pillow on the ground, because you might fall face first!