Jul 26

The Compact Guide to the Olympic Euromillions Lottery 100 Millionaire Raffle

The Compact Guide To The Olympic Euromillions Lottery 100 Millionaire Raffle

 Defy Geo Limits To Play Euromillions Lottery 100 Millionaire Raffle – Buying Olympic Lotto Tickets Online

The Compact Guide To The Olympic Euromillions Lottery 100 Millionaire Raffle


We are just about to see the history in the making. Are you ready?

On Friday 27th July, the opening ceremony of the most anticipated Olympics 2012 will take place. Thousands of top-notch athletes are pouring in from around the globe to demonstrate their best performance.

But, there is something else; something more special… something that can change YOUR life: make all your dreams come true and make all your monetary glitches vanish. Yes, it’s the Olympic million pound draw.

The Olympic millionaire lottery raffle has NEVER happened before!

The previous record for maximum raffle winners was set on 24th December 2010, when ONLY 25 lucky winners received a check of £1,000,000 each, in the Euromillions Millionaire Raffle draw. Does ‘only 25’ sound somewhat sarcastic? As a matter of fact, it’s not because this time, a whopping total of 100 folks will walk away with a massive prize of £1,000,000 each – a new world record.

Simply put, many wretched persons will become Millionaires overnight, and you surely can be among these lucky ones. All you need to do is understand how does the 100 millions lottery work, comprehend the process of buying Olympic lotto tickets online and then, obviously, play the game.

Even if you live outside the United Kingdom, you can still play the Euromillions Millionaire raffle!

The Euromillions Millionaire raffle tickets are only available to the residents of the United Kingdom. So, does that mean – you being a foreigner – can’t play the raffle at all? Luckily, the answer is NO… thanks to the internet.

Some global lotto agents e.g. theLotter Service, make millionaire raffle tickets available for the players around the globe. These tickets do cost you a little extra, but also offer the luxury of taking part in the mega event which is simply not possible otherwise.

 How does the 100 millions lottery (this Friday) work?

Basically, the raffle is organized to celebrate the highly esteemed Olympics 2012 and thank the enthusiastic lottery players in the United Kingdom for helping to raise money for the funding of the mega sporting event.

For the residents of the UK, the Euromillions 100 Millionaire raffle costs and works the same as the normal Euromillions raffle; you have to pick three letters plus six numbers. The winning combinations are generated randomly and comprise the three letters followed by six numbers e.g. DKO829104.

The only difference is that instead of just one winner, one hundred folks will get their hands on the massive prize.

100 UK Millionaires Results

The drawing will be aired on BBC2 at 11 PM. You can also find the winning numbers online, shortly after the draw.

Over to you

As per Camelot – the UK National Lottery operator, over 20 million additional play-slips have already been printed at the prospect of increased input in Friday’s EuroMillions UK draw. Over 8 million meters of ticket roll is ready to be converted into winning tickets of this record-breaking raffle.

 But you do NOT have much time left as the event is just around the corner. Get your tickets before the sale closes to make sure you don’t miss out on this once-a-lifetime opportunity. To learn more about the millionaire raffle or just buy tickets today, please visit: Euromillions Lottery Millionaire Raffle

 Remember, it’s now or never!