May 13

Top 4 Lessons From a Lottery Winner to a Lottery Player!

Lessons From A Lottery Winner To A Lottery Player

Sometimes It’s Better That You Learn from the Best to Avoid Falling between the Gaps!

Lottery players know that the joy brought by winning a jackpot is priceless; it brings happiness because sometimes one lottery jackpot is all we need to change our lives forever, but this life changing experience comes with a burden of its own – mistakes. Those we make and regret just seconds later! We’ve seen so many lottery winners who have won numerous jackpots over time and we’ve all heard stories about how they regretted their silly decisions with regards to their winnings in just a matter of months. Many lottery winners end up penniless and regret every choice they made during their windfall. So if you don’t want to end up like that, you must take advice from lottery winners who have forever preserved their winnings and those who have squandered theirs in a matter of years. Now here are the top 4 lessons you need to learn from lottery winners:

Tip #1 from Lottery Winners – Don’t Stop Working After Winning A Jackpot

The moment you win a jackpot, don’t stop working. It’s probably the worst thing you can do to start your life on a weak foundation. I know it’s very easy and luring to tell your boss that you quit by throwing your resignation in their face, but don’t do it! Keep your money safe and use only when it’s required. Don’t spend on luxuries you can live without and continue working. With a million dollars worth jackpot, if you continue working, you will be able to multiply that fortune by a billion!

Tip #2 from Lottery Winners – Always Seek Advice from Finance Professionals

You have just won the lottery, not a degree in ‘I Know Everything’ so stop knowing everything and get help from people who ‘really’ know everything! If you don’t seek financial advice, you might end up investing in the wrong places and who knows you might end up broke and file for bankruptcy. It’s a recipe for disaster, so always seek professional advice, no matter what people tell you. Take an example of New Jersey’s Chris Manzi, who, in 2012, won a portion of a $14 million. He immediately sought advice from a qualified financial planner and up until today he has his entire prize intact!

Tip #3 from Lottery Winners – Save and Be Insured

When you win the jackpot, take some cash out to save for your future, your family’s future and don’t forget to get insurance. It’s very important that your family is protected and that you’re ready for the worst. Don’t forget that no matter how famous you are, if there’s a risk threatening your or your family’s life, you will need enough resources to face the worst. Ask yourself this question, “If something happens to me this instant, will my family be forced to live on the street?” This question will knock some sense into you!

Tip #4 From Lottery Winners – Please Limit Good Deeds Of Philanthropy!

Okay, I know you suddenly have the heart (and means) to give a million dollars to a friend who’s suffering from his wife. Or you want to donate to your local charity, it’s good and I’m not blaming you, but try and limit your good deeds. The worst thing here is that as soon as some people know that you have the means to donate, a million hands with come to your place to take advantage of you. Remember not one of them will stand by you if something goes wrong. So please I know you have a great big heart the size of Mount Everest, if I may, but please keep that heart throbbing inside of you, not outside. The world we live in today is very corrupted, you’d rather feed someone than give them money.

Life Lessons from Lottery Winners – A Literal Life Saviour

These are just some of the lessons from ex-lottery winners, but these aren’t the only ones. There are so many, but since this is an article, not a book I didn’t want to overload you with text! Remember what you win from your lottery jackpot is yours to preserve, yours to enjoy, yours to have fun with. But don’t forget that this fortune is also a means of helping your future so that you never have to suffer again. Save and preserve as much as you can and don’t waste your lucky windfall by making silly decisions!