Dec 29

7 Toxic Beliefs That Prevent You to Win the Lottery

7 Toxic Beliefs That Prevent You to Win the Lottery

It’s Not Only about Lucky Charms and Bird Poop. It’s About A Lot of Others Things Too

A lot of people think that they have to follow certain methods, certain strategies and tactics to win the lottery. Others believe they must shave before playing the lottery because it gives the Lady Luck a better view of your face! Other times people wait for a bird to poop on them so they can be ‘marked’ lucky. It’s all these and much more kinds of beliefs that truly hinder a lottery player’s winning success. Like for instance, take a look at some of these beliefs and if you recognize them, then eliminate them from your life altogether!

#1 – If You Win Once, Continue Playing Endlessly

Some people are fans of the law of attraction and they think that if you’ve just won $5, go ahead and buy 10 more tickets and play them quickly because luck attracts luck. Please guys, this is not true. If luck could attract luck, we would have all been billionaires and we wouldn’t even need to play the lottery.

#2 – Buy Too Many Tickets And You Might Win

Okay, who told you that? A lot of people think that if you buy 100 tickets, chances are you might win a big amount of money. Okay, but what are the chances? Can you guarantee that you will win anything? What if you don’t win nothing? What are you going to do if you win nothing after purchasing over 100 lottery tickets?

#3 – There’s Nothing Like Intuition!

A lot of people think there’s nothing like intuition and that you should ignore it because it means nothing. That’s not true. Intuition sometimes is the only thing that keep a man from turning into an animal, so what makes you sure it won’t turn you into a millionaire?

#4 – Play the Lottery Like There’s No Tomorrow!

Some people think that if you play the lottery almost every single day, chances are you’re getting closer to your big day. That’s not true. What makes you think that playing the lottery six times a week will make you six steps closer to your big day? Also, they say that you should play the lottery responsibly – don’t let it become an addiction, because that, my friend, will leave you penniless.

#5 – Always Think About Winning the Lottery

How’s that even possible? This is like saying that when you’re diving from the plane, always think that you’re going to crash on a roof and die. Not a good sight is it? The same way, you should never be attached to winning the lottery, instead be in a position to take loses and wins with a smile on your face.

#6 – Dreaming about Winning the Lottery is Good

No, it’s not. Imagine if you dream every day for 15 minutes about winning the lottery and then when you finally hit reality you don’t even have a penny to buy a ticket, imagine how that makes you feel? I know some people who reverted to stealing money to accomplish dreams they were not even sure about.

#7 – Lottery Will Solve All Your Problems!

The lottery will not solve your problems. There’s no guarantee that if you win the lottery all your problems will disappear, there’s no guarantee. Have you not heard about the lottery curse? It’s when you’re so rich that you’re dead, not literally, but your brain dead, you know. In the span of less than 1 second, you know exactly how to spoil your life for good.

Do you recognize any of these toxic beliefs? Now it’s time you throw them out of your life and start playing the lottery with a fresh mind, a peaceful mind and a smile on your face. Win the lottery, not by force, but by will!


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