Mar 05

The Good and the Bad of Being a Lottery Player – Not All’s Well in Lottery-Ville

The Good and the Bad of Being a Lottery Player

If you’re Looking to Become a Lottery Player, Read This First!

So you want to be a lottery player, right? But can you deal with being a lottery player? As a hobby or as a profession? Can you deal with the ups and downs? Now being a lottery player is much like being married to an unpredictable spouse – one time they’re happy with you, another time they’ll forget about you and won’t care no matter how many times you impress them! The only best part about marriage and the lottery is that at least there’s a divorce, but when it comes to the lottery, it’s addictive and you might have to suffer a great deal before you can fill the gaps that lottery created in your life. No, I’m not kidding and by the tone of my writing, you probably already know that I, too, am married to lottery – my unpredictable spouse and sometimes, it just sucks!

The Good Part of Being a Lottery Player

Of course winning is the good part, but because it’s not so often, it kind of sucks. Nevertheless, being a lottery player comes with lots of social goodies; you get to meet people, that’s if you buy your tickets in stores. You get to experience first-hand what it’s like to live the life of a millionaire. If you win, you get to fulfil your desires, which otherwise would have probably been impossible. You get to live like a celebrity, you become famous and people finally take you seriously.

These are just the basic, or should I say, the practical good parts of being a lottery player. Imagine if you’ve always wanted to help people, but you hardly had enough for yourself. When you win the lottery, you can donate all you want, invest and secure the lives of your children and their children – which in turn gives you blessings and stuff. You know, for the religious guys, blessings are more important that monetary gifts and stuff.

The Bad Part of Being a Lottery Player

Need I say it? There’s a big “if” for winning the lottery. If you win the lottery it suddenly becomes all good, but only for some time. Because after that there’s only stress. Haven’t you heard some lottery players curse their winnings? Some say they were happier before they win the lottery. So that’s the bad part I guess, that you can’t truly enjoy your fortune without losing part of your hair to stress and extending the arms. The other bad part, possibly one that can harm you, is addiction.

A lot of lottery players get addicted to playing the lottery and it becomes so bad that the only thing they care about is buying the ticket. How and where they will get the money from, and if it’s okay to take the money hits the trash can. So in simple terms, the addiction drives you to do illegal stuff too, so long as you get that ticket, you’re fine. If you don’t, well, someone is doomed.

Should You Be a Lottery Player?

You should if you know your limits. But if you have a problem with addiction, then you probably you shouldn’t. How do you know if you’re addicted? If you tried to stop smoking a few years ago, but you still smoke, or if it’s a drinking problem and you clearly know you’re addicted, then you shouldn’t consider becoming a lottery player, because in the end you will be hurt. How? Depression. Stress. A lot of people have gone crazy due to addiction, and I care for you. So play responsibly, have fun when you play the lottery because in the end, all that matters is that you’re happy and people around you are happy!


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