Feb 02

What?! They Won the Lottery by Accident?! Why Don’t These Accidents Ever Happen to Me?!

They won the lottery by accident

They Won the Lottery by Accident And They Weren’t Even Trying!

Now of course there are times when you feel left out, you feel that maybe it’s time you thrown tantrums like a baby at the Lady Luck, only hoping that she will notice you and help you make such a beautiful mistake of winning the lottery. I know, I get it, but there’s no way to contact the Lady Luck and tantrums, well let’s just say it won’t look matured. But, there’s a question to ask lottery winners who won by accident, and that is “how, when and why?!” what did they have for breakfast that completely exposed them to the blessings of the Lady Luck?! No point finding out because she’s mysterious and has her own ways when aiming to make people millionaires overnight. Don’t believe me? Well, then check this out:

Man Won the Lottery by Accident – Only Wanted to Break a $100 Bill!

Richard Noll won the lottery by accident

Late January 2015, one man called Richard Noll became filthy rich after buying two $20 Platinum Millions scratch game tickets from Lanzilli Groceria in East Boston in order to break a $100.00 bill! Yeah, you heard that right. He wasn’t there to buy a lottery ticket; he was there to break a $100 bill. Do you know the odds of winning a staggering amount of $10 million? It’s one in 5,040,000 and this man won it. He won $10 million for breaking a $100 bill.

For those of you who say that the lottery is a game of strategy and not a game of luck, mind explaining this phenomenon to me? Yeah, just send your comments and I’ll read. Richard Noll, who won $10 million says, although he is thrilled, it was just an accident because all he wanted to do was to pay off the sandwich that he bought for lunch. Yeah, a fantastic accident, if I may add. Well, he took home a lump sum of $6.5 million after taxes. Noll will be buying a house, investing and taking his daughter to a trip to Disney World!

Clerk Who Won the Lottery by Accident – Printed a Ticket Nobody Bought!

Tyler Nilges won the lottery by accident

Okay, this is just hilarious on my luck part, really. I’ve been playing the lottery for years and have never hit the big one yet, but these guys who accidentally purchase the tickets, actually get to win the big one without even trying! Okay Lady Luck, what is the big idea here? It this some kind of secret affiliate marketing going on between you and these accidental winners?! So here’s the story of Tyler Nilges, a clerk who printed an extra lottery ticket only to find out that nobody was buying it so he said, “I thought, ‘Ok, it’s just going to mess up my count.’ So I bought the ticket.” Yeah, he just bought it – the $1 million worth winning lottery ticket.

He said, “I was working the service desk the day I bought it, and service desk is where we sell the Lottery tickets. A (customer) wanted a Show Me Cash, a Lotto and a Mega Millions ticket.” But together with that, he printed the Millionaire’s Club ticket accidentally only to find out that nobody was buying it. It was the first time that Tyler played the Millionaire’s Club, so those if you who say the lottery is a game of strategy, beat this!

Man Who Suffers Absent Mindedness Wins the Lottery Twice by Accident!

Derek Ladner won the lottery by accident

Seriously? That’s like mocking my luck. Derek Ladner a 57-year old, suffers from absent mindedness, but this disease landed him the lottery jackpot twice! He and his wife very excited when they discovered that they had won the midweek draw and they quickly went and claimed their £479,142. A week later, Derek surprisingly remembered that he had in fact bought another ticket with the same numbers for the same draw. What does this tell you? He bought two identical tickets for the same midweek draw that he won a week earlier and this means, out of five winners; he had two winning tickets doubling his winnings to a whopping £958,284! Married for 15 years, the Ladners will be using the money to renovate their house and take a luxury holiday! This is incredible, really!