Sep 11

To Beat the Lottery Odds: Is It Possible? If you’re An Avid Lottery Player, You’ve got To See This!

To Beat the Lottery Odds

Beating the Lottery Odds – What You Should Know

You may have dreamed day and night about how different your life will be with just one big, fat, juicy jackpot. I do too, so we’re on the same boat here. Assuming we’re on the same boat, like literally, what are the chances that you can beat the odds i.e. me in this case, and take home the lottery yourself? Still 1 in millions! You don’t believe me, do you? Do you literally think there’s a way to beat the lottery odds? You might succeed a little; you might get so close to the jackpot yet fail to bring it home. Why do you think so? Because of the numbers you picked.

Then again, there are certain tips and strategies to “improve” your odds not beat them altogether! The only way you can beat all odds is by literally purchasing a million lottery tickets! Tell me one person, apart from recent lottery winners (!), who can do that? If you do know someone, would they even need to play the lottery is they were so rich in the first place?! So if you’re looking for a short answer, it’s no. it isn’t possible to beat the lottery odds, what is possible is to improve your odds of winning the lottery.

Picking Numbers to Beat the Lottery Odds

Now here’s a strategy that you, an avid lottery player, are familiar with i.e. lucky numbers! If you don’t have your lucky numbers yet, I advise that you get some, take a look at numbers around you, does a number remind you of something special? Well, if you feel happy about it, that’s your lucky number then. Nevertheless, there are many, many lottery players who use the same numbers throughout their lives in the hopes of scooping up a big jackpot. Then there are some who don’t care about lucky numbers, they look at numbers which are picked often and chose them to play the lottery.

Let’s assume that Mr A has used the same numbers for nearly 20 years, but has never won the lottery. Then there’s Mr B who always picks numbers that are drawn often, but has still never won the jackpot. Years later, Mr A, who has been using the same numbers, wins the lottery, whereas, Mr B, who’s sitting on his couch with a box of tissues, stares at his lottery ticket wondering what went wrong… How can you explain that? A lot of people think that picking numbers that are drawn often is a way to improve your chances of winning, but that, my friend, is not true. It just doesn’t work like that.

Recommended Software to Beat the Lottery Odds

Here’s another folklore that seems to constantly tingle my brain – lottery software. How in the world can a piece of software help you beat the lottery odds? You can use software, in my opinion, on matters that provide guaranteed results, i.e. booking tickets, ordering food, shopping online. I think that software works only when there’s a brain behind it. Whenever I come across lottery software I give myself a face palm because it just doesn’t work. That’s like telling a piece of software that you’ve got some cash and you’d like to book tickets without providing any further detail. What if you end up in Gaza instead of a beautiful island in Bali?! If that piece of software could talk, it would have responded somewhat like this, “you just gave me the money, you told me to book, I booked! Enjoy your stay (while you can!)” Does this make any sense? So is lottery software any good to help you beat the lottery odds? No, sir, save the money and buy yourself a beer instead!

I’m An Expert, Trust Me I’ve Won $2 With My Strategy

Remember the Mr A, I was talking about earlier? Well, I mentioned that he won the lottery by using the same numbers, right? What happens in the world of lottery is that when someone wins the lottery they instantly think they’re experts at it. So now they come up with suggestions sprinkled with a bit of salt and pepper to make them look like lottery gurus. I’ve personally come across some dude, who won some thousand bucks in the lottery, who claimed to know how to beat the lottery odds. One win and he was an expert. So I emailed him, telling him how unfortunate I was and how I’d like to know the “secret” of winning and beating the lottery odds.

He came back to me with a very long email about the history of lotteries, the biggest winners and what not. In the end, he asked me to buy his so called lottery secret book because it contained the “secrets”. I just had to take a look, you know. So I went ahead and purchased the book for a few bucks and what do I see? Half the book is about his struggle (who wants to know how much he struggled? Don’t we have our own problems to deal with?!), and then half the book, which was hardly 10 pages long, was about beating the lottery odds. From what I read, he only spoke about using the same numbers to win the lottery. Face-palm.

A Game of Destiny or Luck, To Be Precise

No matter how hard you run from the fact, you already know that the lottery isn’t just a game of strategy, it’s a game of luck i.e. destiny. I doubt that strategy has anything to do with winning the lottery either. A math whiz may say that in order to beat the lottery odds you must carefully learn probabilities, yes, maybe, but would you rather use probabilities or choose numbers that are often picked? If you say probabilities, how do people, who have been playing the same numbers, win the lottery? To make this clearer, let it be known that the phrase “lottery” is derived from a Dutch phrase “loterij” which clearly means fate or destiny.

So no matter how good you are at math, if your luck doesn’t shine on you the day you pick your numbers, you can do nothing about it! If math is the only answer to beating the lottery odds, it clearly means that the power of probabilities can change luck, no matter what you’re facing. If that’s true, shouldn’t all mathematicians stop working and play the lottery instead?! And name me one who has kept winning all the time? So folks, lottery doesn’t just require a strategy, it requires some luck too. The only way to beat the lottery odds is to buy all the lottery tickets at one go, and risk the odds of sharing the pot, maybe?!