Jul 11

Lotto Tips

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This week we have scoured the internet for some of the best lotto tips that we could find and this is what the experts say about playing lotto.

  • Try using a system that focuses on winning lower division prizes as well as the major prize.
  • Use all the numbers including the higher ones, they have just as much chance as coming out as the lower ones.
  • Try to have the same amount of odd and even numbers.
  • Don’t choose numbers purely based on family birthdays. Enormous amounts of people choose family birthdays for their numbers.  As there are only 28 to 31 days in a month a lot of people pick all their numbers in that range. This means that if you do win the big prize chances are you will be sharing it with a lot of other people.
  • Try to pick numbers that are less likely to be chosen. An example of this might be the inclusion of the number 7, which seems to be every second person’s favorite number. Many lotto experts agree that to ncrease your chances of winning it is best to join a lotto group and play a system entry.
  • Actual winning lotto results show that the most likely lottery result has 3-odd lottery numbers and 3-even lottery numbers. This comes out 1-week-in-3 (on average)   and represents 33.5% of the 8,145,060 possible combinations. Add 4-odd lottery numbers plus 2-even lottery numbers, and 2-odd lottery numbers plus 4-even lottery numbers – and you cover 81% of all possible results. Put another way, these three winning lotto game types win (on average) 8 weeks out 10. This is reasonably consistent across all 6-ball lotto games.
  • Do research into the lottery that you play. What numbers come up more often and which ones hardly ever come out.

We have done some research for you and found the following lotto systems for you to consider.  

Lottery Systems  

Larry Blair’s Lotto Black Book  

Ace Lee’s Lottery Method  

Silver Lotto System    

Wishing you the best in you quest to win the big one and we will catch you again soon.


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