Irish Lotto History

Irish Lotto History

Irish Lotto game was introduced in 23rd March 1987, and there are about 3.6 billion Euros that have been raised. This lottery came into existence when the Oireachtas passed the National Lottery acts. The National Lottery is played in the state of Ireland. It began as 6/36 in 1988. Its matrix has been changed 3 times in its history. The minimum play has always been 2 lines of six numbers.

The very first lotto draw was held on Saturday, 16th April 1988 at 8pm on live radio Telefis Eireann Television. Six numbered balls were drawn randomly from a drum containing 36 balls. Players could win prizes matching four, five or all of the six numbers.

The lotto game was then a 6/42 game since 24th September 1994 with odds of winning of 1 in 5,245,786 for a jackpot prize. After 2 years, the lottery became 6/45 game that was in November of 2006. The jackpot odds were raised to 8,145,060. This time also had the 2 million Euros guarantee prize win.

The Irish lottery has become a regular game for Irish people, and other nationalities, with two-thirds of Irish adults being addicted to this game. The Post National Lottery Company, who is a subsidiary of An Post, Ireland’s postal service provider overseen the entire history. An Post holds the lottery licensed on behalf of the Irish Minister of Finance. The game can now be played online has made it easier for everyone to take part in it. Throughout its history, the prize of this game is being paid out in tax-free lump sums.


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