Oct 07

Have You Bought Your Lottery Ticket? Time to Check Your Lottery Tickets to See If you’ve Won!

To check lottery tickets

What Are Your Options to Check Lottery Tickets?

So you’ve bought your lottery ticket for a draw that’s about to happen? Well, funny thing – we always look forward to the draw, but yet somehow we feel that is it useless! It happens to almost everyone who plays the lottery and it happens for a reason – we have already assumed that we’re not lucky! At least not yet. Buying lottery tickets is one thing, but checking it is a different story altogether! Assuming you have bought your first lottery ticket (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog if you weren’t a first time lottery player!) keep it safe until the draw. Now, assuming the draw is complete, you’ll be more than eager to find out whether you’ve hit the jackpot.

Checking Lottery Tickets Online

What you’ll do now is log on to the website for the ticket you’ve bought i.e. if you’ve bought a France Lotto ticket, log on to the France Lotto website and click on ‘Winning Numbers’ to see if you’ve won the jackpot. If you feel that you need confirmation, rush to the store where you bought the ticket in the first place. Sometimes rushing to the store might not be very convenient due to external factors i.e. you might have travelled for some time, there’s lots of traffic, bad hair day, etc., your best bet would be to check the tickets online to see if the drawn numbers match the lottery ticket you have in your hand.

Checking Lottery Tickets Offline

Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to be around until after the draw is complete so you can personally check with the clerk, who sold you the ticket, to see if you have won anything from the draw. Usually the sites have the drawn numbers up almost immediately so if you missed watching the TV for the draw, you might benefit from having an internet connection! I like to receive the news personally as well as online. So as soon as the draw is over, I’ll check online on the site that belongs to my ticket and if I don’t see anything yet, I’ll wait for a decent hour to walk to the store that sold me the lottery ticket so that I can personally verify the lottery results.

As soon as I’m convinced, I’d walk back home and check the site for the winning lottery tickets and start wondering how I missed picking them! This routine carries on eternally because as far as I remember, anytime I missed watching the draw on TV, I’d log on to the website, go to the clerk and log back on to the website! That’s how I do it! Is there another way to check lottery tickets? If you have one, share with us and who knows you might just be able to break my trend!


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