Aug 12

EuroJackpot trivia

EuroJackpot triviaThere is pretty big probability that you never heard about EuroJackpot. Don’t worry it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just read the article, so you will find why.

EuroJackpot is the youngest child in the family of European lotteries. It was launched just a couple of months ago, so you might not heard of it, but believe me, it’s worth to catch up with this good news. Why? The game offers huge prizes!

A couple of countries from the whole Europe participates in the lottery. Someone counted that every week 50 m people buy coupons to try their chances to win the main prize. Since the probability is quite low (1:59 325 280), jackpots might be pretty high, and reach even 90 m euro!

Who can participate in the lottery? Citizens of 8 European countries – Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain. Moreover, also all those who have access to the Internet might buy online tickets and try their luck in draws, which are held in Helsinki, Finland.

Good luck!


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