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The Top 10 Jaw Dropping Lottery Jackpots of All Time! This Might Make You Want to Play!

Lottery jackpots

So you heard someone hit a lottery jackpot of some thousand bucks, big deal. Wait till you hear what these guys won, the thousand bucks will look like a tiny molecule under a microscope compared to these gigantic mountains of solid cash! Now I’m not demeaning anyone who wins a lottery jackpot. It takes, well not skill, but luck to win and beat the odds so my respects to all those who have won so far, but hey, you can’t ignore the luck showered to these guys! They pinned down their 15 minutes of fame and popularity and got a chance of never having to worry about money, ever again! This is our top 10 lottery jackpots of all times!

#1 The Three Amigos

From Milford Mill in Maryland, the three amigos scooped a lottery jackpot worth a jaw dropping $656 million on 30th of March. They each took home $218.6 million each. What’s ironic is that this couple from a small town of Red Bud publicly mentioned that nothing’s going to change and that, “We really enjoy living here. We’ve lived here a long time.” Well,
The Three Amigos
We can’t agree more! Early last year, they did move out and purchased a Harbour Acre home on the prestigious Hillview Avenue for a whopping $7.5 million. Your eyes pop out yet? Moving on…

#2 Eddie Nabors, Elaine and Harold Messner

These guys won a solid $390 million lottery jackpot and shared it among themselves! Old man Nabors, a pretty down-to-earth dude said that he had no big plans. He only wanted to buy a house for his daughter, pay off mortgages for his entire family, buy a fishing boat for his son and go fishing! Here’s what others think,
Eddie Nabors, Elaine and Harold Messner
Oh well…

#3 Jim and Carolyn McCullar

On the 4th of January 2011, these guys won the Mega Million lottery jackpot for a cool $380 million. Jim announced that he was going to save it because that’s his “legacy”. Looks like legacy flew out of the window because his neighbors reported that they moved out shortly after the win, bought new cars for six children and houses in Soap Lake. Well…
Jim and Carolyn McCullar

#4 Holly Lahti

Holly, who was never legally divorced, immediately went into hiding when she won a lottery jackpot of a massive $380 million. Her estranged husband Josh was thrilled that he no longer had to pay child support! Who knew! But she deserves it!
Holly Lahti

#5 Eight Workers from ConAgra

Seven men and one woman immediately quit their jobs when they hit the lottery jackpot for $365 million! While one wishes to use the money to get a business degree, the others have reportedly started working graveyard shifts and the woman, well, she’s single and not ready to mingle!
Eight Workers from ConAgra

#6 Joe and Sue Kainz and Larry and Nancy Ross

These people won the lottery jackpot for a cool $363 million! While the Kainz planned to pay debts, establish their brewery and fix their home’s leaky roof, we’re not aware what the other couple decided to do, but hey, it’s a lottery jackpot, what do you expect?!
Joe and Sue Kainz and Larry and Nancy Ross
Officially speechless.

#7 Robert and Frances Chaney and Steve and Carolyn West

Steve and Carolyn told no one about them hitting the lottery jackpot for $340 (split with the Chaneys) until they spent some on a 6,400 square foot home on six acres, with a hot tub, and a swimming pool with a 30 ft. water slide. But what’s to note is that both the Chaneys and the Wests established foundations to help children, veterans and the poor. Well, at least they gave back something!
Robert and Frances Chaney and Steve and Carolyn West

#8 Louise White

With the winning lottery jackpot ticket that won her $336.4 million kept tightly in her Bible, 81-year old Louise couldn’t wait to put is safely in a deposit box. She established a trust to benefit her family and called it the Rainbow Sherbert Trust. Wait, what?
Louise White

#9 Kevyn Ogawa and James “Jimmy” Groves

Groves and Ogawa won a lottery jackpot for a whopping $336 million in August 28th 2009. Groves, who has since been flooded with calls from friends and relatives wanting a piece of his fortune, said, “Winning is the beginning, living with it is pure hell!” Can’t agree more!

#10 Erika Greene, a Family in Illinois and a New Jersey Resident

These guys split a lottery jackpot of a solid $331 million that they won in April 2002. Greene, who hired a limousine to get her fat check, planned to buy a car and a house. What happened to the rest, well you know better!
Erika Greene


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